DIY- Do It Yourself becomes a contemporary cultural trend, as we can see DIY stuffs all around, like DIY cakes, DIY clothes, and sometimes even DIY houses. DIY lightens our lives and provides us with a sense of achievement and uniqueness. This can also apply to the question “Should college students hire cleaners?” The answer is obviously—Do it yourself. We, as qualified university students, should deal with the laundry work independently.
The process of cleaning and neatening is enjoyable. Set a Dorm-Cleaning-Day, call in all our roommates, from ceiling to floor, sweep up ashes, and polish chairs and desks, just to let the room be as bright as the sunlight. During working, all members pay great effort and witness the improvement of the room so we will value our tidy environment more and our friendship can be enhanced.
The outcome of it can be meaningful. We can practice our manual ability and our living quality will be improved. This ability is crucial because sooner or later we have to live independently. Without it, life will be very passive. Additionally, our dormitory will be more secure since we don’t hire a stranger to clean the room. Moreover, the nice environment will brighten up our moods all day long.
In conclusion, we should not hire cleaners for cleaning. It’s our inescapable duty which gains us manual ability, safety, and happiness. Let’s be the true owners of our room.