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    pls someone help me with this "if" statement

    Which of the below statement is correctly spoken or written:

    1) She speaks as if she is better than others.


    2) She speaks as if she was better than other.

    Please explain to me your choice of answer so that I will understand the difference and use it correctly the next time. Show me more other examples like this if you can, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Re: pls someone help me with this "if" statement

    Does this thread help? He talks as if he were a doctor.

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    Re: pls someone help me with this "if" statement



    (1) TOM: I don't like X.

    JANET: Why?

    TOM: Although she is poor, not very pretty, and not very intelligent, she speaks

    as if she was/were better than the others.

    was/were = she definitely is not better than the others. (Americans prefer "were.")


    (2) ALICE: Be careful how you speak to X.

    GEORGE: Why?

    ALICE: I have just discovered the reason why she speaks as if she is better than

    the others.

    GEORGE: What's the reason?

    ALICE: She is a princess in her homeland, and her father is the 5th richest man

    in the world.

    is = maybe she is better than the others.

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