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    Needed: Idea for teaching a song- EFL class

    I'm a new teacher and would like to teach a song to an 8th grade EFL class.
    I choose Avril Lavigne song - Innocence.
    Can you help me with some ideas about introducing the subject (pre activity) and other activity for the lesson.

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    Re: Needed: Idea for teaching a song- EFL class

    I don't know the song, but I'd ask them personal questions about whatever the theme is (innocence?) or which are otherwise relevant to the song.

    Then I would play the song for them, giving them a copy of the lyrics.

    Then, I usually have a lip-syncing contest. I roll up a sheet of A4 paper (or 8.5x11" if in North America) and tape it into a tube, and tell the kids it's the microphone. I do a lip sync of a few measures. The kids laugh.

    I offer as the kids the chance to come up to the front, take the "mike" and make fools of themselves, while having fun.

    Usually it lasts about 10 hearings of the song. Nothing like repetition in ESL, eh?

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