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    got intimidation down to an art form

    Dear teachers,

    I found this sentence in a novel I'm reading now. Please look at the context:

    If no one messes with the lake or deadens its power, I’ll be fine, but I don’t like the glimmer skittering around in Jason’s eyes. He’s taken on a Rambo persona. I can see why he’s the number one wrestler in the state of Oregon—he’s got intimidation down to an art form. His hands grip the gun steadily enough, but there’s a restlessness, like a gunslinger counting down to noon, that makes me pause.

    I wonder if I can interpret the sentence as "he masters the art of intimidation" or "he enjoys intimidating others as an art form" or what?

    Thanks for your help :)

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    Re: got intimidation down to an art form

    he’s got intimidation down to an art form.

    When he is trying to intimidate people he has an understanding of what works well and enough control of his own body language to make his intimidation very effective. So his actions are compared to that of an accomplished artist who has sufficient control of his technique and materials to produce what he wants.
    A similar phrase is: "He has intimidation down to a fine art".

    not a teacher

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