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    you are a straight shooter

    When you don't make indirect way of speech to others, when you just say what you want to without hesitation, do they usually say "You're a straight shooter"? Is this common?

    ex)When someone cuts in the line for a bus, Marcus says like this.
    Marcus - I should tell him not to cut in the line
    Jane - Marcus, you are a straight shooter.
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    Re: you are a straight shooter

    A "straight shooter" is someone who is honest and forthright.
    straight shooter: Definition, Synonyms from

    I do not think that "straight shooter" can apply to your dialogue between Marcus and Jane. It's very awkward.

    "Straight shooter" comes from the ability to shoot a gun straight and directly at a target.

    Joe is a real straight shooter. He says exactly what is on his mind and is honest about his feelings.
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    Re: you are a straight shooter

    If Marcus had actually walked up to the person who cut in line and said "That is very rude. There's a line here. How dare you cut in front of us? We've been waiting for ages. Do you think it's fair to just cut in when other people are waiting. Learn some manners!", then Jane could say on his return to her "Wow, you're a straight shooter!"

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