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    meet up with

    What's the difference between "meet with" and "meet up with"? I learned that "up" can mean "perfectly, throughly, to the last", but in this case the meaning seems vague.

    ex)Finding new friends is not at all difficult, if you keep an open mind and are confident in yourself. To make new friends, the first thing you need to do is meet up with new people.....

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    Re: meet up with

    It's just a phrasal verb that means "to meet". It's not exactly informal but you wouldn't use it, for example, to arrange a meeting with your boss.

    I haven't seen my friend James for ages but we're meeting up tonight.
    Let's meet up soon and have a beer.

    A "meetup" is a group of people getting together, whether to eat, drink, talk or do some other kind of event. There is a website called where people can join in with social activities and get to meet other people in the same area or who have the same kind of interests. The people in the groups "meet up" on a regular basis.

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