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    Long Beach can offer visitors an easy life

    Long Beach, Washington is located in southwestern Washington, having a 28-mile stretch of beach which is generally called Long Beach Peninsula. Communities dotting this beach all take you back in time to a simple and slow-paced lifestyle. Here, the visitor can relax and enjoy the benefits of total rest.

    From this paragraph we can learn that ____________.

    The given answer is 'Long Beach can offer visitors an easy life'. But I feel the 'life' here in the answer is a bit odd. Visitors are visitors. They just don't live there. Should we use 'vacation/holiday' or something else?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Long Beach can offer visitors an easy life

    You don't have to live somewhere to have an "easy life" there. The description given of a simple and slow-paced lifestyle, reminiscent of an earlier time, fits the "easy life" definition.

    - Why do you go to Long Beach for a fortnight every year?
    - I just go to enjoy the easy life for a couple of weeks.

    It just means there's no stress and you can relax.

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