Hi all,

I have to write a letter to the Examination Board. I want to ask them to make an exception. Could you help me to check the letter? It's a short letter, but I hope good enough.

Thank you so much already.


Dear Members of the Examination Board,

Through this way, I want to ask you for an exception. I want to start with the program for International Business and Management, this February. But the February-inflow is normally only for “VWO-students”, but I have a “Havo-diploma” and a “MBO-diploma” (Financial Administrative Assistant). I followed the last months the a law-study, in Utrecht, but I prefer to do an international-oriented study.

I know that my diplomas not equally to a VWO-diploma, but I hope I can get a change. You can find a copy of my diplomas and marks in the attachment. I’m ready to fight for the study, if it’s necessary. When you want to know more about me, you can contact me always. I hope to hear your decision soon, so I can register myself for the study.

Yours faithfully,