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    chance the duck pond again.

    What do you mean by "chance" here? To take the risk something?

    ex)The highway was busy. The navigation system was telling me to go straight on, but the last time I trusted it, I drove through a duck pond. This time, I decided that I'd stick to the old way and use the road signs. I saw a sign up ahead. I attempted to move to the inside lande but there was a big truck coming up from behind. I was trapped in the middle lane. The sign approached fast, perfectly unseen by the truck. Is the truck slowing down on purpose just to obstruct my view? Before I came to any conclusion, the truck was gone. I just gave the truck a blank stare. It was time to chance the duck pond again.

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    Re: chance the duck pond again.

    It means to do something despite being aware of a risk, or not being certain of the result.
    Similar: "I'll take my chances with the duck pond".

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