Hello guys,

I'm actually doing a PhD about the use of Slang in society (I'm focused on United Kingdom at the moment). I've been looking for articles and books about slang, when it was created, how did it make it through the time as we know it nowadays. My sources have been Eric database and Google docs basically, and I would like to ask you for some good references to look at as I'm doing my thesis framework at the moment and I've been checking this website for a year or so and I thought I should as for further information.

Furthermore, I would like to ask you to spend a minute filling my little survey (10 questions yes/no) as I'm running a previous research about the extension of the Slang in English speakers and it'd help me to have a general idea about what kind of questions should I put in my final survey. You can follow the following link to fill it.

How much do English people use slang nowadays? Survey

Thank you very much in advance. I've been trying to find good articles about Slang but I've came to a point where lots of my articles make the same references and use the same examples so I'm running out of sources and it's kinda discouraging. If you remember anything, an author or a tittle, I'll try to find it.