Hi this is my first post here and i would like to say hello to everyone
with that said, i need help for my motivational letter. I'm applying for a hotel management course in Glion ( its in swiss ). The essay is about: write an essay of motivation describing why the candidate wishes to study in glion .

[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]I have a passion for culture, cuisine, and travelling. I spent 3 weeks of june holiday backpacking my culturally diverse archipelago with my motorcycle back in Indonesia. I started my trip in the scorching sun of mid June. But the misery that I went through opens my eyes to how beautiful my countryís scenery is. The cuisine of different parts of java also left an exotic yet unforgettable taste in my taste buds. Yet itís such a shame to see that neither the government nor the locals ever tried to take advantage of the nature even though based from my trips to pattaya, California, Maldives, and Melbourne the scenery in java still have a fighting chance, and as an educated patriot I want to showcase to the world about my country lush greenery, diverse culture, and the mangy and spicy cuisine. Therefore my dream is to have a resort in Indonesia that hosts visitors from all around the world.
I realize that in order to achieve my dream I need to study in a university that realize the importance of balancing theories and practice, and make connections with professionals from colleague and the past alumni. During my intensive research for the right institute for me, the name Glion kept appearing again and again. The figures and statistics about Glions rank for hotel school and its percentage of jobs offer to graduating students amazed me. Despite that I was always skeptical about how university advertised their instituted to the public, until I met a Glion graduate myself.
I met the graduate at my friendís birthday party. I was very curious about her life as a student in both Glion campus and Bulle campus. Throughout the conversations, she smiled faintly whenever she reminisce her life in Glion. I was also surprised that she can advanced to managerial level in Kempinski Indonesia in less than 2 year. Her personal testimonial clear my doubt for Glion and leave other hotel school out of the picture. She displayed professionalism through her attire and the way she communicate. From my point-of-view itís seems that she made the right choice by studying in Glion.
If I want to achieve my goal, I know I need to have a good start in my future professional career, and Glionís statistics and the result that Glion showed through itís graduate, proofed that Glion can help me make my dream come true. That is why I want to study in Glion.

thanks guys