Hi everyone!

I'd like to apply for a scholarship at a Danish college. And here's my motivation letter. Since English is not my mother tongue I'd be very thankful if you corrected my essay and gave some recommendations. I would highly appreciate it!

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the XXX Scholarship in European Studies at YYY University.

I graduated from the Department for International Relations at ZZZ University in 2011 with a major in Philology/Linguistics. During my studies at the college I took a number of courses in politics, sociology, law and cultural studies which invoked my strong interest in current state of affairs in European policy. I also participated in a local debate club which aimed at discussing recent political decisions, current issues encountered by societies and possible solutions to them.

During my college years I became increasingly engaged in European affairs. Since my bachelor degree programme was based at the Department for International Relations a lot of courses touched upon the subject of policy-making, and current economical and political situation in the world. Such a practice was sustained by international volunteering staff members from the US and European countries who shared their experiences with us and involved us into different projects. For instance for my sociology class I worked on an empirical project which focused on comparison of studentsí expectations depending on their age, origin and social class. In 2009 I participated in international student conference European Week Eindhoven held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. During this event I attended numerous lectures given by European politicians and analysts on the functions of the EU, its perspectives, etc., and also took part in Model United Nations. Such a multicultural environment was a great place to trade opinions with overseas students, promote my country and learn culture of other countries.

I would like to apply the knowledge I acquire at the Aarhus University first of all to my own country. XXX is a relatively young democratic country and it has not yet chosen its further political course. This wavering is mainly caused by the lack of young professionals with a fresh view and profound education. Many officials in XXX resort to obsolete Soviet management methods. They often offer linear solutions and do not have a broad perspective on the problem. The insight into the situation I gained while doing my internship at the international departments of YYY Regional Public Administration in 2010 and ZZZ City Municipality in 2011 respectively. At the latter I worked in team on preparation to Euro-2012 and other organizational issues. It dawned on me then that a new and fresh generation of public officers would facilitate further development and integration of XXX.

Denmark is the highest ranked country in Europe in terms of living, it has been a member of the EU for a long time and many of the officials of the Danish descent hold positions in such supranational bodies as NATO, the European Commission and others. The Nordic Model that Denmark follows has proved itself efficient and result-yielding. So it would be highly beneficial to adopt European practices in general and Danish in particular within the scope of the programme. Besides the Masterís degree programme in European Studies gathers bright minds from different parts of Europe and with degrees in different subjects. Such a multipolar group is interesting itself and one can gain a lot from being a part of it.
With a profound, multidimensional knowledge of European political and economical systems, competence in conducting researches and analyzing data acquired through theoretical lectures and practical experiences, I am confident that I will have enough skills to pursue a career of a public officer or a political analyst at a governmental or non-governmental institution.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely yours,