As I'm preparing for the CAE, I wrote an information sheet. I'd be very appreciated, if someone could take a look at it and give me a short feedback, whether this is a good piece of work, not only in terms of grammar and spelling, but also in task fulfillment.

You are doing work experience in an English-speaking country, in a local city council. You’ve been given the task of writing an information sheet, telling people about a well-established chess club. The council would like to encourage more people to join.
In your information sheet, you should include:
• background information
• practical information
• reasons for joining
Write the text for the information sheet in 220-260 words.

Chess in town

Who are we?

The City Chess Club was founded in 1926 and has become a very reputable society in the center of the city. Our members are:
• aged from 8 to 93
• chess-experts as well as complete beginners
• professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs
As you can see, the City Chess Club is eligible for all sorts of chess players.

What are we doing?
We meet every Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock for our weekly “Chess afternoon”. Apart from that, we also offer other activities such as:
• courses for beginners to learn playing the game, but also for advanced players to improve their performances
• an annual domestic tournament
• guidance for experienced players in national tournaments
• sponsorship in international tournaments
If you would like to know about all our activities, you can get some further information at our administration office.

Why should you join us?
As we are a very traditional club you can benefit by joining us because:
• you can gain experience by playing against top-class players
• membership is free due to the fact that we get subsidized
• chess not only keeps fit your brain, but just is fun too
If you want to join us now, just come to one of our weekly meetings on Saturday at 3 o’clock. New members always get a very warm welcome.

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