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    Post Film-voiceover shot

    A soliloquy is something you'd find in a play, usually in a Renaissance play (and certainly one by Shakespeare!). It is a speech a character makes while alone on stage, usually to work out his thoughts. It's a bit like a sort of film-voiceover shot, where you hear the character speak but no-one within the world of the film can hear it.
    It's a bit like a sort of film-voiceover shot,............................
    What does the noun phrase film-voiceover shot mean?

    In my view, it is a part of a movie or film which is short and in which the speaker's voice is heard.
    Is my idea all wright ?
    Thank you......

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    Re: Film-voiceover shot

    A scene in a movie, in which you see the actor (not talking) but you hear his voice, as though you could hear his thoughts.

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    Re: Film-voiceover shot

    Or you might not see any people at all, or focus on any one or two particular people, but a landscape or city street, or a montage of scenes. The point is, the character is not speaking to anyone in the scene -- he's speaking only to the audience.
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