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    I neeeeeeeeeed your help

    Dear Mr. Ron Be
    How are you I hope you are keeping well? Actually I need your help, my teacher at university asked me to make a research paper about" How to be a fluent English speaker?". I don't know what resources I should read, so if you know some book's names or websites I can refer to please inform me?And if you don't mind i can attach for you my first out line to this research paper and you can give your comments and advice.

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    Re: I neeeeeeeeeed your help

    Feel free to post your outline here.
    Something on learning:

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    Re: I neeeeeeeeeed your help

    Dear tdol !
    The site you've posted in your message is wonderfull !!!
    I am a student of English Literature and in our degree we read alot of literature and it's great. However, I feel as if my spoken English need some improvement and unfortunately there's no emphasis on that in our university.
    Do you think that in order to be fluent, one has to take courses in phonetics?
    How can you aquire good conversation skills on everyday subjects?
    Thank you very much

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    Re: I neeeeeeeeeed your help

    There is a sea of difference between written english and spoken english.
    There is no better place than this Order for a copy of their materials, it is sure to make an impression on you. Take it from me it is excellent value for money. Guys from India would know a lot better about this.



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