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    What is the meaning of you are pushing it too far?

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    Re: help

    Quote Originally Posted by euniceteoh View Post
    What is the meaning of you are pushing it too far?


    (1) Sometimes it means "You are pushing your luck" or "you are going too far."

    Tom (laughs and says to Joe): You are a really short dude.

    Joe (laughs): Yeah, I am.

    Tom (still laughing): And you have a horrible haircut.

    Joe (still smiling): Yeah, I do.

    Tom (still laughing): And your ears are too big.

    Joe (not smiling very much): Your ears are pretty big, too, dude.

    Tom (still laughing): And, let's face it, you're ugly! No girl would ever want to marry you!

    Joe (not smiling): Hey, dude. You're going too far! Shut up, or I'm going to beat you up.

    Tom (not smiling): OK! OK! I was just kidding. I apologize. I should have stopped

    talking after I made that comment about your haircut.


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