Here is another essay. I am not sure if I used the appropriate words. Could you please help me ?

In my dream ,my uncle points out a galaxy in the sky and says “you will be given a planet there” . The galaxy is 45’ up to the north west of my location. I turned my face and looked east where the morning sun appears behind a cloud. To my suprise I saw a capsule like space object through the beam of sun. Then suddenly the sun moved down like a meteor . We were all shocked when the sun fell to the ground and hopped three or five times like a ball. I reached my hand out and succeed in catching the sun. Holding it with my fingers I raised it. I noticed that there are some other people there applauding me. I get the conculison that we were all beamed here in a capcule like object and will be beamed again to the other planets in the other galaxies.