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    Question so confusing

    Help me!
    Anyone help me through this confusing state: The difference between EUPHEMISM - DOUBLESPEAK - JARGON - METAPHOR?
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: so confusing

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    Arrow Re: so confusing

    Thank you for your useful information about euphemism.

    I still have another problem which concerns to EUPHEMISM and DOUBLESPEAK. Some people suggest that in some cases, when a doublespeak is used to avoid a tough and hard-to-accept problem, it becomes a Euphemism. Is it right?

    Are there any dictionaries of EUPHEMISM only?

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    Re: so confusing

    I wouldn't really agree- a euphemism is normally clear, while doublespeak usually aims to conceal or distort the truth. If I say someone has gone to powder their nose, I am not trying to conceal where they have gone, just be discreet about it.

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