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Sorry, my English is not very good. I meant it belongs to the house you are living in (I know it will sound funny if you take it literally). And I don't have a wife if you were trying to be funny. Anyway it is kinda kind of a euphemism to not directly say you own it. There are euphemisms in English for saying "god" or "Jesus" which sounds sound very weird to other cultures. I hope you can understand that there are differences between cultures.
Someone living alone rarely happens in Islamic cultures but in that case people definitely say "my TV" in case it is necessary to indicate possession, otherwise they just say "the TV".
btw By the way, those writing rules are not important to me. If it is mandatory in this website, tell me and then I will try.
We are all well aware that there are differences between cultures. I wasn't trying to be particularly funny when I asked the question about the wife, but as far as the language is concerned, it makes no difference whether you are married or not. In English, saying "our wife" really is not possible (unless you come from a country where bigamy is legal - then one woman might be the wife of two or more different men at the same time).

However, the point remains that you are now learning to speak English, so you also need to remember that there are differences. Here, we refer to possessions based on the number of people the thing belongs to. So it's "my wife" or "my husband". The TV in the house is "my TV" if only one person lives there or if only one person uses it, or if it is in the bedroom of one particular member of the household. The TV in the living room of a house occupied by a family would probably be referred to as "our TV" or "the TV".

As you will have seen from the previous responses, the "rules of written English" that I gave you are indeed mandatory (hence the word "rules"). Please try to follow them at all times. Otherwise, you will get very bored with seeing all those red corrections to your posts and, honestly, we will get very bored with constantly making those corrections.