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    present perfect simple

    could someone please tell me what is the purpose of using the present perfect simple? when do we use it?
    thank you

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    Re: present perfect simple

    Hi Riki!!!!
    Ma Hamatzav?
    I think that we use the Present Perfect Simple in order to convey an action that has happened in the past but still affects the present.
    For example: if you lose your keys, the action of losing the keys took place in the past but it still affects the present since you can't get into your house.
    therefore yoy say: I've lost my keys as oppose to I lost my keys.
    Hope I'm right
    Have a great weekend
    see you on Sunday

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    Re: present perfect simple

    thank you for being so helpful by answering my post on the forum. the pre. per. sim "thing" i already knew of course, but i must say that you explain better than Eric Cohen himself!

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