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    cut too short

    Doesn't "cut too short" have any other meaning except "the uniform was made by cutting at a short length"? "cut too short" is unfamilar to me.

    ex)Working in the grocery store as a checkout clerk was one of the worst jobs I've ever had. To begin with, I had to wear an ugly, scratchy uniform that was cut too short....

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    Re: cut too short

    Not in this context, it means exactly that, the fabric was "cut at a short length", not fitting the person.

    But, "cut too short" is also often used to mean "taken before one's time", i.e. "died at an early age".

    [Heath] Ledger was known as a good actor but he brought the Joker to new heights and new depths. His manic energy infected the entire film and sadly defined a career cut too short.
    - source

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