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    Help! TESOL/TEFL


    I have an assignment and I'm stuck.

    There are asking me for the following.

    From this sentence "My brother IS STARTING college next month."

    They want me to Highlight form
    What the target language means
    Describe a context/situation to illustrate your meaning
    Write a couple of appropriate concept questions
    And describe a few problems that students might have in terms of meaning and form or pronunciation.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Help! TESOL/TEFL

    The point of assignments on these courses is to find out what you know, not what we know!

    Can you really not make a stab at answering any of those questions yourself? If you can, then please feel free to give your suggested answers here and then perhaps people might comment. But you will find that with things like helping with TEFL courses, we're reluctant to assist because that defeats the object of the assignments.

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