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    Please check out the following paragraph. Are my answers acceptable?

    The experience of an adult listening to a foreign language comes close to ___(1)___ the experience of an infant listening to the "foreign" language spoken by everone around her. Like the adult, the child is ____(2)_____ the task of learning a language about which she knows nothing.

    (1) (A) duplicating (B) cloning (c) alternating (D) implicating

    (2) (A) bombarded by (B) afflicted with (C) plagued by (D) confronted with

    My answer are (1) (A) duplicating
    (2) (A) bombarded by

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    Re: duplicate

    I agree with "duplicating."

    You are confronted with a task. You may be bombarded with strange sounds, but you are confronted with the task.

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