Can someone please edit this for me and make the english flow, l really want this job :

I am applying for a summer position with Teshmont in hopes to gain hands-on experience to complement my academic background. Currently, I am a fourth year student at the University of Zambia , pursuing a bachelorís degree in Electrical Engineering. My focus area is Energy and Power Systems. I have a thorough understanding of the systems and concepts used in the generation, transmission, delivery, utilization, storage and control of electric power and energy. This semester l am taking courses on the constructional features, analysis, modeling, and applications of three phase transformers, synchronous machines, and single phase induction motors and the principle of operation of special motors. Next semester l will be taking courses in power electronics and the modelling of power transmission systems and introduction of computational methods for solving problems such as load flow, faults, and stability analysis. Teshmont being a world renowned player in the field of energy and power systems, would provide me with the opportunity to work with the very best in the world .The experience gained would reinforce my understanding of power systems and help me in my future education to relate with the real life applications of the things l will learning.