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Thread: gum disease

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    gum disease

    The following article is a cloze test. Please check out my answers below. Thanks!

    Many people are surprised to learn that gum disease, not tooth decay, is the number one ____(1)____ of tooth loss in America. One hundred million Americans may suffer from the condition, but prompt ____(2)____ can control the ____(3)____ of the disease and save the teeth.
    Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, begins with the ____(4)____ of plaque at the gum line. The ____(5)____ substance in plaque can make the gums redden, swell, and bleed easily—a condition called gingivitis—which is the earliest ____(6)____ of the disease.
    If the plaque is not ____(7)____ through flossing and brushing, it hardens into a crust called tartar, or calculus. When this substance ____(8)____ under the gum line it causes the gums to pull away from the teeth, forming a pocket between the teeth and gums which can fill with food particles and bacteria. As the condition ____(9)____, the infection may spread into the tooth roots and jawbone ____(10)____ between the teeth—a condition known as periodontitis, bad breath also usually develops.

    1. (A) cause (B) effect (C) advantage (D) defect
    2. (A) prescription (B) distinction (C) treatment (D) reinforce
    3. (A) extension (B) severity (C) security (D) expansion
    4. (A) deterioration (B) reflection (C) implementation (D) accumulation
    5. (A) refreshing (B) irritating (C) shrinking (D) degrading
    6. (A) sign (B) index (C) simile (D) agenda
    7. (A) removed (B) prevented (C) endangered (D) evaded
    8. (A) concentrates (B) continues (C) collects (D) concedes
    9. (A) improves (B) strengthens (C) disappears (D) worsens
    10. (A) rather than (B) as well as (C) even if (D) may as well
    My answers are as following.

    1. ( A )
    2. ( C )
    3. ( D )
    4. ( A )
    5. ( D )
    6. ( A )
    7. ( A )
    8. ( C )
    9. ( D )
    10. ( B )
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    Re: gum disease

    (Not a Teacher)

    I'd say that #4 is D and #5 is B.

    Plaque accumulates between your teeth.

    Plaques irritates your gums, causing swelling, redness, and bleeding.

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