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    names for the toes

    I know the names of fingers.

    index finger
    middle finger
    ring finger
    little finger

    What are the names for the toes?

    Thank you

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    Re: names for the toes

    In BrE, we speak of the 'big toe' and the 'little toe'. There are no names for the three in between.

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    Re: names for the toes

    [not a teacher]

    The little finger is also called "the pinky*" and therefore, the little toe can be referred to as "the pinky toe" (or even just "the pinky" if the context of "toe/foot" has been established). I think I've also heard "the wee little toe", which may be a reference to This Little Piggy.

    *and often not "the pinky finger", unless it is to distinguish it from "the pinky toe", or to establish "finger" context.

    1: Ow! I dropped a can on my foot!
    2: Are you ok?
    1: I think my pinky is broken. (Here pinky means the little toe.)
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