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    Talk with/talk to

    What's the difference between talking to and talking with a person? I heard a Yank friend say, "I talked with him....". It sounded awkward/odd to my ears. We normally say, "I talked to him.."

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    Re: Talk with/talk to

    It's normally 'to' in BrE and 'with' in AmE.

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    Re: Talk with/talk to

    Quote Originally Posted by aachu View Post
    What's the difference between talking to and talking with a person? "

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    (1) I believe a few (a few) people feel that "talk to" means one person does

    most of the talking; "talk with" means both parties exchange views on an equal basis.

    (a) As I said, most people probably feel that this "rule" is


    (2) Yet sometimes (sometimes!) it seems to work.

    (a) For example, we would probably say:

    President Roosevelt will speak to the nation on the radio at 7 p.m.

    (Of course, it is a one-way conversation. He does all the talking. We just
    listen. We cannot contribute anything to the conversation.)

    (3) And I guess that -- IF we follow this "rule," it would be more polite if a

    a boss said to an employee: When you have time, may I please speak

    with you?(Maybe "speak TO you" gives the idea that the boss is going to do

    all the talking. Maybe "with you" implies that the boss wants you to contribute to

    the conversation, too.)

    (4) And, of course, in the army, an officer might say to a soldier:

    When I speak to you, stand up straight and wipe that smile off your face, mister!


    Wow! I am starting to like this "rule" more and more.

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