i have enrolled in a TESOL certificate course in Bnagkok. i want to work in Bangkok so i thought teaching english would be the best option for me.

i found a website that promotes themselves really well, they are called 'American TESOL Institute' you can search them on google...

is there any way for me to find out if this organisation 'American TESOL Institute' is a credible organisation?

i've paid a $500 deposit to them already

they have an office in Bangkok.. i have enrolled in their TESOL course... but i have now heard that their TESOL certificates might not have any accreditation Internationally or in Thailand itself.

i've been asking questions and researching and its now hard to trust if this organisation is a scam or not, i now believe they do exist, but what they promote on their websites could be lies and scams to attract more students... i'm now unsure if i should go ahead with their TESOL course or not.. i arrive in Bangkok in April and the course starts April 16th.. i'm a bit nervous... maybe i should just forget the $500 and find a more credible place to do my certificate.. if anyone types in google 'American TESOL Institute Scam organisation' you can read a disturbing article about how this organisation tricks people into doing their TESOL course..

i'm hoping someone reads this that has dealt with them before... i need help... there must be someone out there that knows more about this????