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    the meaning of security

    I am wondering whether the sentence given below is correct:

    Security of supply is the most important priority in the gas industry.

    Can 'security' be used to mean the 'process of getting something'?

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    Re: the meaning of security

    Quote Originally Posted by balakrishnanijk View Post

    Can 'security' be used to mean the 'process of getting something'?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    (1) I think that you are pretty close.

    (a) I would say that it means "a guaranteed process of getting something."

    In other words, a source that will not fail you. So you don't have to constantly

    worry: Will I be able to get my supply of X when my current supply runs out?

    (2) Of course, I shall not name it, but there is a certain country that is

    developing like mad (very fast), so it needs "security of supply" of many things:

    oil, wood, minerals, etc. That certain country is going to another continent (no name,

    of course) and offering to help those countries there build roads, schools, etc. in

    exchange for a guaranteed supply of all those "goodies."

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