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    Please check out the following sentence. Which option is acceptable?

    Different cultures may have different ideas about ______________________________.

    A. what good writing constitutes
    B. what constitutes good writing
    C. what is good writing constituted
    D. what is constituted good writing

    My answer is B.
    (However, I am confused A and B. Please explain to me. Thanks!)

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    Re: constitute

    It's the construction used after "[about] what" when the rest of the sentence involves an adjective.

    I have a few ideas about what tastes good.
    I have no idea what tastes good.
    I don't know what smells bad.
    We don't know what looks best.

    If you imagine that a question was asked beforehand, it might help:

    What tastes good?
    I have no idea what tastes good.

    What smells bad?
    I don't know what smells bad.

    If what follows is not an adjective, then we use the construction you're probably more used to:

    Who is her favourite?
    I don't know who her favourite is.

    What is that smell?
    I have no idea what that smell is.

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