Hi, everyone. My teacher has written a recommendation letter for me and I transleted it in English. As I am not a native English-speaker, can you correct my mistakes?
Thank you for reading.

To Whom It May Concern,

As the Dean of the Department of -/-, I have had the pleasure of knowing Elena for the last four years. She has been a tremendous student and an asset to our department. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Elena for your graduate program.
Elena has studied at University -/- since 2008. During her studying she has proven to be a conscientious, responsible and motivated student. The academics at the department are most challenging, and Elena fulfilled all the requirements, she has always secured good and excellent grades throughout her undergraduate degree.
I also gave lectures on the subject international economics. During the study of the academic discipline she showed herself as an independent, active and industrious student. On the workshops she always prepared additional material. Elena was exempted from taking the exam because of excellent academic performance, so she got an excellent grade on the subject. Her intellect is evident not only from her grades but also from her general inquisitiveness about all the concepts of science as well as her choice of course projects.
I know Elena has been working throughout the education to pay the tuition fees. At the moment she works in an financial company and her diploma thesis is related to the finance and titled -\-, it differs in the novelty and reflects the distinguished training of the author.
Elena takes part in the life of the department and the university enthusiastically. She is an active participant of different dance performances, competitions in aerobics, scientific conferences. She is a member of the University Union. In class, she has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. She is also deeply involved in the social and political life of the country. Being a member of the Belarusian State Youth Union she wants to contribute to the development of the country and creating a positive image of it on the international arena.
It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Elena without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.