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    community cleanup program

    Please check my answers to the following grammar tests.

    1. ____________ a community cleanup program, all public school students spent the afternoon picking up trash.
    (A) Joined (B) Take part in (C) As part of (D) For

    2. An oral presentation needs to be ___________ than a written message to the same audience.
    (A) as the same simple (B) as simple (C) much simple (D) simpler

    3. _____________________, the creative arts play in important role in our lives.
    (A) Since we are no professional artists (B) Had we been professional artists
    (C) Whether we are professional artists or not (D) Be professional artists

    4. Buddhist teachings ____________ all over Asia and are followed today by more than 255 million people.
    (A) which spread (B) been spread (C) are spread (D) have spread

    5. People are becoming aware of the benefits of having a vegetarian diet because it ____________________ protecting the environment.
    (A) has a negative effect on (B) is concerned about
    (C) is a good way to (D) plays a vital role in

    My answers are as written.
    1. C
    2. D
    3. C
    4. D
    5. C

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    Re: community cleanup program

    5/5. They all seem correct to me. Congratulations.

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