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Thread: In a stack

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    In a stack

    Please look at the sentence below

    What does "in a stack" stand for. Many thanks.

    "If the rescue fails and the debtor is put into final
    bankruptcy—which often happens—these rescue priorities then have to be ranked
    with the ensuing liquidation priorities determined in accordance with the bankruptcy
    ladder. Priorities pile on priorities in a stack. "

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    Re: In a stack

    Have you ever heard of stack (pint) glasses?
    Their upper part is bigger so that one can fit into the other perfectly when they are being cleared off the tables in pubs. As a result they can be piled up in a very orderly way one on top of the other almost looking like a column made of glasses. As a result waiters and waitresses can carry more than one very easily.
    "in a stack" means one piling up and fitting perfectly on top of the other.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: In a stack

    The things stacked don't have to fit perfectly, but a stack is usually an orderly arrangement.

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