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    Spoofs and prepositions

    Just wanted to check my prepositions here in relation to spoofs of movies, etc.:

    "The movie is a spoof of those old thrillers."
    "The movie is a send-up of those old thrillers."
    "The movie is a takeoff on those old thrillers."

    I'm pretty sure of these, but I always prefer to check with the experts.


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    Re: Spoofs and prepositions

    My idiolect likes "spoof on", but that's not to say "spoof of" doesn't exist out there somewhere.

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    Re: Spoofs and prepositions

    Oh m'gosh - another dilemma! LOL!

    Taking prepositions as seriously as I do I did a Google search on "spoof of" and "spoof on".

    "Spoof of" wins hands down. However, since Google only serves to reflect the general tendencies of the public in the area of language and not correctness, I'd be willing to accept both "on" and "of" since both of these yield hits in the hundreds of thousands.

    Thanks again for your help, Casiopea.


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