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    Question apprehend and comprehend

    Both means understand [sthg] but how come the latter is so much more common than the former?

    Are they used interchangeably?


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    Re: apprehend and comprehend

    I think that 'apprehend' in the sense of 'understand' is dated now. However some dictionaries here Definitions of apprehend - OneLook Dictionary Search do not say this, and some explain the difference in meaning between 'apprehend' and 'comprehend'..

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    Re: apprehend and comprehend

    [not at teacher]

    "apprehend" as "comprehend" is so dated to my AmE ear that I had forgotten it even could mean that. Additionally, I would never use it because it has the (way) more common use as "to arrest" (eg. "the thief was apprehended"). Additionally, as strange as this may be, since it sounds very similar to "apprehensive", which has a negative connotation, I would avoid using it as "comprehend".

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