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    "Road" vs "street"

    I wonder if they have the same meaning in all context?
    I remember that there's a phrase "on the road". Is it right? Does "road" go with any other prepositions?
    Are there any different when we say "On the street" and "In the street"?
    And if you have something to tell about these words, please share it to me. I'd love to hear from you to understand more about English!

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    Re: "Road" vs "street"

    [not a teacher]

    Some examples as idioms:

    "on the road" - traveling away from home, touring
    eg. The circus took their show on the road.

    "on the street" - (as in "the word on the street") unofficial, hidden, illicit
    eg. I heard on the street that that U2's new CD is terrible!

    "in the street" is not idiomatic, but it is common, as in, "Quit playing in the street, you'll get hit by a car!"

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    Re: "Road" vs "street"

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