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Thread: Renaissance

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    Please check the answers to the following multiple-choice test. Thanks!

    1. During Renaissance, Florence was one of the wealthiest and most interesting cities in Italy, __________ the control of the Medici family.
    (A) which was under (B) which under (C) was under (D) which being under

    2. _________ the best player, Albert Einstein enjoyed playing the violin and often played with other mathematicians and physicists in small groups.
    (A) Although he was not (B) That he was not
    (C) In spite of he was not (D) If he was not

    3. Traditionally, Asian countries are very conservative, but in many ways they are becoming more ______________.
    (A) library (B) liberty (C) liberal (D) convenient

    4. Pedro was in top form and ran very fast. _____________, someone else ran faster and beat him.
    (A) Fortunately (B) Not surprisingly (C) Unsurprised (D) Unfortunately

    5. ____________, it takes some time to become familiar with the new environment.
    (A) When arriving in a new country (B) Arrive in a new country
    (C) To arrive a new country (D) You arrive in a new country

    My answers are below.

    1. A
    2. A
    3. C
    4. D
    5. A

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    Re: Renaissance

    Your answers are correct.

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    Re: Renaissance

    : ... but there's a typo in the first line. (I haven't proof-read the rest.) This has happened before; please check.

    (In 'Renaissance Italy', 'Renaissance' is performing the function of an adjective. The period is called 'the Renaissance'.)


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