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    Happiness is under your feet.

    I read a story that goes like this.
    "A fisherman is spending his leisure time resting with his family and hanging out with his friends in the evening, and a businessman advises him to go to a city to make a success, and tells him that after making a success, he can retire and spend time with his family at home. And in the evenings, he can hang out with his friends. After hearing this, the fisherman says "Isn't that what I do now?" "
    The lesson of the story is the following. So does "under your feet" mean "something valuable can be found around you"?

    ex)Happiness is under your feet.

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    Re: Happiness is under your feet.

    I think some of the story is missing- the phrase isn't used in the part you give. It is not a standard idiom that I know, but I would say that you're close to the meaning- happiness can be found where you are and you don't need to go elsewhere to pursue an ambition.

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