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    Smile At swords’ points (idiomatic expression)

    What does this mean? I imagine it means something like people disagree with each other, but I'm not sure and I couldn't find it in any reference books I have.
    Thank you for helping me with this!

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    Re: At swords’ points (idiomatic expression)

    I may be wrong, as we all are sometimes. but I believe it means being forced to do something, like 'at gunpoint'.

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    Re: At swords’ points (idiomatic expression)

    Thank you very much! I didn't give up and kept looking, and I think I finally got it. Here it is, from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

    IDIOMS: at swords' points Ready for a fight. put to the sword To kill; slay.

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