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    Post Can you proofread my Introduction please !!

    Good evening every one,

    Can you please help me with this small introduction?! I have just written it and I do really want to know whether it is correct in terms of structure, or not. Also whether the English used is good or not. I will be really thankful.

    As it has always been said, humans are unique with their peculiar ability to use language for communication. This pushed many methodologists to make an endeavor to develop this aptitude by adapting many methods and approaches of Language teaching. Some of them shared the same basic that is “Language is communication” such as the “Communicative Language Teaching Approach” that is referred to as CLT. The focus of this approach was more on communication and emerging learner’s communicative competences. Hence, this gave birth to the flourish of the “Group Work Activity” that was forced later by other approaches. researchers believed in this activity and given argument to force and prove its necessity and utility.
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