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Thread: use of "until"

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    Lightbulb use of "until"


    I'm confusing.

    1." I also slept continuously when(while) my brother slept."
    can you substitute “when(while)” with "until"

    2. "I also slept continuously before it rained and even when(while) it rained. and then I got up after it stopped raining."
    can you substitute "before it rained and even when(while) it rained" with "until it rained"?

    could you let me know... thanks.

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    Re: use of "until"

    1- It would change the meaning:
    I slept until my brother slept = I stopped sleeping when he started.
    'Until' marks a limit.
    2- Same problem. 'Until it rained' means that you stopped sleeping when it started raining, so you didn't sleep through the rain. How about 'until it stopped raining'?


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