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Reality TV – for or against

After the great success of shows like Big Brother and Survivor in the USA the so-called ‘reality shows’ have practically taken over television worldwide. This type of shows are generally cheaper than the scripted ones, therefore television networks are keener to promote them.
One of the main reasons why people are so eager to watch them is probably curiosity. The viewers see how ordinary people, like themselves, react under pressure and wonder what they would do if they were in their shoes.
Nevertheless, the participants’ reaction can hardly be defined as ‘real’ for no one behaves naturally while is knowingly filmed. Furthermore, the sequences can easily be manipulated during the editing process so the reality of it all is highly doubtful. Not to mention the bad example this kind of shows usually sets to the young generation. Children end up finding vulgar language, intolerance towards others and even violence part of the ‘real world’.
In my opinion, reality TV (perhaps excepting talent shows) is a great way of undeservingly becoming famous very fast for the participants and just a waste of time for the viewers as I find them neither educational nor entertaining at all.