This "negotiated" seems to be related to natural death, and it seems to be a question of common sense, but how can "negotiation" be related to death? Is it like euthanasia or something with an easy interpretation?

ex)It is not clear nowadays what really constitutes a natural death. Dying from smoking-related lung cancer can be classified as accidental, should there be one who has not heard of the risks. On the other hand, it can be considered suicide where a smoker's intention is involved because he or she must have know the fatal effects of smoking. And what if some lung cancers are due to environmental pollution caused by dirty industries? Are these deaths natural or might they be considered unintended manslaughter? And how shall we classify the increasing numbers of medically-prolonged or medically-accelerated deaths, death where nature is not allowed to take its course? The American Hospital Association estimated that some 70 percent of all deaths are somehow negotiated or timed.