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    Got mixed up again :(

    Is it better to say (about rates of production) '200 ton per hour' or '200 tonS per hour'? The number of tons can vary... I just come across both variants so often that it is difficult for me to differentiate between them. Seems both of them are used equally.

    The same is with sums of money - for example, when you repeat them in words - do you say 'XX thousand dollar/pound' or '...dollarS/poundS'?

    I hope it's not a too silly question...


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    Re: Tons/ton

    If it's a noun, add -s; if it's an adjective, don't add -s.

    Adjective: a two ton truck / a one ton truck
    Noun: two tons of brick / one ton

    Adjective: a two pound note / a one pound note
    Noun: two pounds of salt / one pound of salt

    Noun: one dollar, two dollars
    Adjective: a two dollar bill

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    Re: Tons/ton

    Thanks Casiopea.

    I was asking because I often hear native English language speakers saying "It costed me 500 pound/dollar" or "the shipment totaled 400 ton per day". So I presume it is acceptable in some way?


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