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    Please correct these sentences.

    I've got some exercises on count/noncount nouns + singular/plural form. Will you please correct these sentences for me? (The underlined ones are my answers).
    1/ I'm meeting someone in the office. We've got (a bussiness/ bussiness) to discuss.
    2/ Do you think I need to take (iron/ an iron) with me for my shirts?
    3/ You're making a lot of (progress/ progresses) in your english.
    4/ The new metallurgical works (has/ have) been employing more and more workers.
    5/ The barracks (is /are) on fire.
    6/ The headquarters (includes /include) only the general and a few members of his staff.
    7/ she always take great (pain/ pains) with her work.
    8/ I knocked my (coffee cup/ cup of coffee) off the table and broke it.
    9/ A fever, a multilation, a cruel disappointment, a loss of wealth, a loss of friends (seem/ seems) at the moment untold loss.
    10/ Two pounds of coffee (cost/ costs) about 8 shillings.
    11/ You don't have to say much, a word or two (is/ are) sufficient.
    12/ There (is /are) one or two things I'd like to talk over with you.
    13/ Ten miles (is /are) the length of my walk.
    14/ Eight students (is/are) the number of people travelling on the bus.
    15/ Twenty kilos (is /are) the allowance of the baggage.
    16/ The remains of the meal (was / were) thrown in the bin.
    17/ The choir (is /are) hoping they can take part in a national singing contest.
    18/ This causes me to remain until all the company (is/ are) gone.
    19/ The staff (is/ are) united on this issue.
    20/ A little band of sparrows (was/ were) twittering noisily in the garden.
    21/ Most of the children here have had measles. Those that have not re sure to get (it /them) sooner or later.
    22/ The press (is /are) unreliable as (its /their) source remains uncertain.
    23/ The management (is /are) well aware that they have made
    24/ The Zedco board ( knows/ know) that they now have some difficult decisions to make.
    25/ Naturally, the staff (is/ are) worried about their jobs and (wants/ want) a meeting with management asap.

    Besides, please tell me the plural forms of "coach-and-four", "woman-hater" and "butter-fingers"?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Please correct these sentences.

    Please tell me if these ones are correct.
    "Let me read it for you, will you?"
    "Whose is that magnificient car?"
    "Whose that magnificient car is?"

    And if you have any note or source of special cases of singular/plural and count/noncount nouns, please let me know. Best regard.

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    Re: Please correct these sentences.

    Most are OK , about 10 are incorrect.

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    Re: Please correct these sentences.

    about 10 are incorrect.
    Then please tell me exactly which ones are incorrect so I can correct them and take a good preparation for my incoming test. Thanks.

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