please check me correct mu mistakes, I cant get help from any other refrence.

Dear Sir or Madam;

I would like to apply for the Master's Degree in Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in the subject Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling (TCCM) in September 2012. My aim is to work in an international field related to chemistry. Therefore, I would like to gain deeper principles and also practical skills to start and manage innovative and appropriate projects, and hope someday I can help my country to improve in this field more efficiently. Nowadays, chemistry knowledge needs to be improved to great extent in my country. Therefore, it is really my desire to play a role to help it grow more effectively through special knowledge I will gain by studying this field in this university. I hope in future we can find appropriate chemistry programs to gain more success related to this field in my country.

As a result of my brilliant performance on Iranian University Entrance Exam, I ranked among the top 5 % of all participants. Consequently, I hold a four-year bachelor's degree majoring on Chemical Engineering from one of the top ranked universities in Iran. I was an active student during my period in college, involved in many events and organizations. By conducting useful projects, I found the opportunity to experience the practical aspects of my courses. Ultimately, I worked on medical implants by silicone rubber specially artificial eye as my BSc thesis, it help me a lot to improve my research ability and achieve work experience as part of a team. By doing a team project, I also learnt numerous required concepts and strategies for dealing with communities. This project concentrated on artificial eye for people, who lost their eyes accidently, under supervision of Dr. Nouri.
During my undergraduate studies, I tried to concentrate on specialized courses in a way related to chemistry fields, such as Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics and Kinetics. I grew highly motivated and absorbed in this field and respective branches, which cause I choose Polymer as my special major which is more related to chemistry.
As my internship I worked in a large bottle-production factory for almost three months. In this factory I controlled the process of production bottles and the quality of the recycling waste bottles. I became familiar with the process of manufacturing PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles from PET granule to finished bottle and learn the performance of specially designed machines for producing different kinds of PET bottles. This strengthened my knowledge and motivated me to learn deeper about new chemistry products and participate in an innovative projects.

I have the pleasure to meet with different people with different culture and background. I can also communicate in two foreign languages in addition to persian (English and German). Therefore, I think Erasmus Mundus gives me the opportunity to become familiar with different culture and costumes.
I am highly motivated to pursue my graduate studies in Erasmus Mundus program, which can satisfy my academic and professional needs and interest. I strongly intend to enhance my theoretical knowledge, and ultimately, turn this knowledge into practice. Searching for an academic center filled with academic and research opportunities, I came to understanding that attending this Erasmus program can be an ideal chance for fulfilling my dreams, some of which include improving knowledge in chemistry and modeling, revolutionizing Iranian chemistry programs systems, and creating job opportunities for others.