Dear Teachers, I and my friends had prepared for a speech and the title is "Money isn't the root of all evils". Please let me submit my conclusion part here to be correct. with best regards, (Monlay)

Conclusion part of "Money Isn't the Root of All Evils"

I agree with my friendís example that can be regarded human attitude is the root of the problem. Money isnít the root of evil. Thatís true money canít do anything itself. Fire can be our good friend if we can handle it and it may become enemy if it is out of control. Similarly, money can cause problems, wickedness; it can turn a sample man into someone full of inhumanity and pitiless if we canít take the right benefit of money.

According to my friendís example, we have known that a very large amount of money became the root of all problems and it even caused family damage if we cannot manage such a fortune. On the other hand, we can see so many personal problems, social problems, environment problems, health problems, economic problems and even physiological problem because of no money. As my friend stated above, you canít do many things that is vital to your everyday life without money, at least you canít give your body the proper nourishment which is necessary for your good health and above all, you canít afford the good education which is essential for your whole life.

The situation of no money can oblige the people to commit crimes. We can control and limit what we want, but we canít avoid what we need and canít control and limit what is essential. If people have no money even to feed themselves and if there is no donation for those kinds of people, first, they may do shop lifting to get something to eat, then, they will become pickpockets and then they may commit robbery. As a saying goes when a stomach is full, the heart is glad, there is no possibility for them to commit such crimes if they have enough money to feed themselves. According to the previous suggestion of my friend, if we have money, we can contribute to some foundation for philanthropic works, we can donate to nonprofit organizations which participate in many donation projects. If we have money, at least we can contribute for those poor children to get proper education which is foundation of the good physical ability and morality of individuals. If so, itís same as we are preventing the potential crimes.

Donít you agree money isnít the roof of evil? Itís very noticeable why all of us leave our country and working in abroad. This is because we all need money. Why we need money is because of money isnít the root of evil. I believe we all aware that we can take many benefits from the proper usage of money. By spending money in the correct way, we can support our families, our relatives, our societies and finally we can take part to make our country developed which required educated and healthy human resources and proper investment.

By looking all those facts and examples we can confirm money isnít the root of evil. But, we have to realize that money is not everything. Yes, money isnít everything! No matter how rich a person is, there are possibilities that he commits crimes because of money. No matter how educated a person is, he may become cruel, merciless and he may be turned into evil because of money. If we believe money can bring anything we want and if we think money is everything, it doesnít matter how rich we are, the money we possess is not enough for us and we canít control ourselves to get money in any possible ways. If we value money more than human morality and we think it is everything, we canít decide and act effectively although we have learned so many years in school and we have full of knowledge. Money isnít everything, but it is a medium to transfer somebodyís dream and aspiration into reality if he knows the ways to manage the money. I strongly believe that money isnít the root of evil for every individual who knows the benefit of its usage and for every individual who can controls and manage it effectively.