In view of the social audit conducted by Intertek on .... Ltd. (Name our company) asks for consent by the…….. for employment of prisoners in the manufacturing process which manufactures products for your company. Because our company wishes to continue pursue direct social re-integration program through their employment of convicts. This is to prevent social exclusion convicted by actively involving them in work for the local community.
Employees of the correctional facility in (name correctional facility) are employed on the rights and obligations of the production worker. They work in 2 shifts, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Employed prisoners do the work voluntarily. The plant provides them with protective clothing and a warm meal, and transportation to the workplace and continuously transported to prison.
Prisoners receive a salary.
Documentation of the government program is complete. Policies and procedures are available to prisoners, all rights are respected.
Please consider our request positive.