Dear All,

Kindly need your help to review below my letter of motivation :

Motivation Letter

I am writing to express my interest in applying for a Master in Finance program starting 1st October 2012. Having reviewed the course content at University of xxx, I am sure that the program will make me qualified to meet my future aspirations of becoming an exceptional financial consultant or investment banker and the knowledge gained would pave way for my doctorate subsequently.

Since I was in senior high school, I liked mathematics the most. It became a constant favourite of mind and I even received the highest score of the school at the final examinations before graduation. In 2003, I studied civil engineering with specialization in Transportation Management at Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of xxx, the best engineering institution in Indonesia. I achieved my Bachelor Degree in 2007 with GPA xxx out of 4.00. From this faculty I had a chance to become a teaching assistant in for two subjects in the third year. My responsibilities are taught and supervised students in the following subjects; Irrigation and Water Construction and Water Resources Development. Besides studying, I wasactive in the student organizations. These activities give me the opportunity to supervise a class, organise and maybe also to lead a group. In my opinion, this is always a challenge and makes learning more exciting.

At my first career after graduation, I had job experiences in civil engineering field during a year. Within the year, I realized that I have a passion in finance, thus I began to build my career at Citibank N.A. in 2009 as a Relationship Manager. I was responsible for all business matters, including administrative, credit analyst, collection and marketing functions. As a Relationship Manager (RM), I have served as a catalyst for business and as a participant of goal-driven teams. For example, I have provided the best credit account booking performance as top 10 “RM” in Indonesia almost every month regularly, resulting high profit to our business.

I have a big interest in finance, because it is very dynamic and I believe that it is essential in the entire economic activities and can be used to answer financial problems.I want to study at University of xxx because of your outstanding aducational system, and your excellent teaching facilities and staff. Moreover, some of the alumnies achieved an award regarding to their master thesis, it prove that University of xxx has a good reputable in finance program. The curriculum of the Master in Finance program is quite parallel to my ambitions as I want to gain a broader view in finance, improve myself in investment banking, derivatives and trading, risk management, and insurance,and gain the skills necessary to reach my full potential.

Considering my ambition in Finance, I am confident that I can exceed your expectations. Furthermore, I believe that my quantitative discipline from civil engineering and my experience in Citibank N.A. Indonesia will bring diversity and a different point of view to your class.
Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your acceptance.

Sincerely yours

Thank you very much for your help