Hi everyone!
I have applied to study for a CELTA qualification and have to do a pre-
interview task. Whilst I have worked twice as an English Language
assistant I am not fully able to explain the language errors clearly.
I corrected the sentences and had a go at explaining, but would like
some clarification from those with more experience.

1. Id like some informations about your courses.
Id like some information about your courses.
Information is an unaccountable noun and so remains in the singular form, we do not add an S on the end.

2. Why you no answer the phone?
Why didnt you answer the phone?
I'm struggling to with explaining this one!
No is used in response to a question.. ?? I know that's not correct but I can't think how to explain the need for didn't..

3. Ive played tennis yesterday.
I played tennis yesterday.
The action has occured once in the past and is now finished, so you must use the simple past.

4. Do you have got any money?
Do you have any money?
When forming this interrogative without do we say : 'Have you got any money?' but when using 'Do' we remove the 'got'.

5. I made a terrific nightmare.
I had a terrible nightmare.
I am not sure if I need to change terrific to terrible? I argued that terrific is usually a positive adjective - whereas a nightmare is never a positive thing - but you can say a terrific mess, terrific noise..?

We must use the verb had instead of made - I had a nightmare/dream.

Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions people can offer,
Really appreciated!